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Introduction of the Swedish blue bo RTS65 microwave reverberation dark room

Date:2016-05-28 News sources:Shenglu Reading times:

Bluetest RTS65 global fifth set of the real application equipment
By leaps and bounds in recent years, communication technology, the communication industry to become the one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the performance indices of communication product reliability and high performance has become a communications industry the development direction of the best. In China, benefited from the country to the communications industry escalating, and the large investment popularity of 3 g, 4 g networks, communication indicators accuracy requirement has become the bottleneck of traditional communications equipment manufacturers in our country, our country consumer communications products to maintain rapid growth trend. In order to strengthen and quickly adapt to the consumer wireless communication market development needs, early in 2016 invested heavily to introduce Sweden blue bo sheng road communication RTS65 microwave reverberation, for the real application of the world's fifth set of equipment, the r&d laid the shing road communication in terminal transmission lead test status of the industry, and technical reliability for shing road communication terminal industry add a heavyweight chip.
The traditional measurement method of the antenna is done in absorbing darkroom, which is no reflection of the environment, this is usually a very suitable for use in LOS large antennas; But for applied to indoor or city there are a lot of reflection such as the small antenna, is not appropriate. In order to simulate the reflection and multipath environment, we need more accord with the actual conditions of test system, such as microwave reverberation dark room. Microwave reverberation darkroom using Rayleigh Fading theory (Rayleigh Fading) to simulate the use of wireless terminals in real environment, at the same time, microwave reverberation darkroom is far less than the size of the absorbing a darkroom, but the measurement speed is far faster than absorbing dark room.

Blue bo BLUETEST company's latest RTS65 microwave reverberation darkroom used in mobile phones, micro base station, laptops, home gateway, smart home, intelligent office terminals, data CARDS, personal intelligent terminals, intelligent vehicle terminal equipment such as radiation power and receiver sensitivity indices of test range, and so on. The test frequency range of 400-6000 MHZ, supports GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, CDMA2000, EVDO RevO/A, WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA + (ind. DC - HSPA) td-scdma/td-scdma HSPA, LTE FDD/TDD ind. CA, WiMAX, WLAN 802.11 A/b/g/n/(ac), Bluetooth wireless test standard performance tests.
In view of the current standards of the large-scale popularization of the mobile terminal, and its typical urban environment application of interference. Swedish BLUETEST company launched a revolutionary reverberation RTS65 darkroom system to help customers to complete related to modern wireless terminals OTA performance of fast and accurate measurement. The introduction of new equipment, greatly improved the level research and development of our company, for the communications industry development in our country has established a new step.

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