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Shenglu Telecom Introduced Swedish Bluetest RTS65--Microwave Reverberation Chamber

Date:2016-05-28 News sources:Shenglu Reading times:

Bluetest RTS65, the real application of the world's fifth set of equipment

     With the fast development 3G&4G, and one day even 5G, the increasing demand on the precision of communication indicators has become the bottleneck for traditional telecommunication equipment manufacturers. In early 2016, in order to strengthen and adapt quickly to the needs of an ever developing industry, Shenglu Telecom invested in the Swedish BluetestRTS65 microwave reverberation chamber, the world’s fifth set in real life application. This R & D investment positioned Shenglu as one of the leading tester in terminal transmission and an important player in improving reliability in the terminal industry.


The traditional method of measuring the antenna is carried out in the absorbing chamber, i.e. an environment with zero reflection and thus suitable for LOS large antenna. For small antennas, primarily used in an indoor or urban setting with a very reflective environment, the absorbing chamber is not a suitable environment. In order to simulate a reflective and multipath environment, a more realist testing system is needed. The microwave reverberation chamber using Rayleigh Fading theory to simulate the use of wireless terminal in a real life environment. Though much smaller in size than the absorbing chamber, the microwave reverberation chamber has a much faster measurement speed.


BLUETEST’s latest RTS65 microwave reverberation chamberare used to perform radiation power, receiver sensitivity, and numerous other testsfor applications such as mobile phones, micro base stations, notebook computers, home gateway, smart home, intelligent office terminals, data cards, personal smart terminals, intelligent vehicle terminals and etc. The test frequency range is 400-6000MHz.The chambersupports GSM / GPRS / EGPRS, CDMA2000, EVDO RevO / A, WCDMA / HSPA / HSPA + (ind.DC-HSPA) TD-SCDMA / TD-SCDMA HSPA, LTE FDD / TDD ind. CA, WiMAX, WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / (ac), and Bluetooth wireless test standard performance test.


Aiming at large-scale popularization of current multi-standard mobile terminals in a multi-interference urban environment applications, BLUETEST has launched the revolutionary reverberation chamber system RTS65 in order to help customers quickly and accurately complete measurements for modern wireless terminal OTA.The introduction of  this new equipment has greatly enhanced Shenglu’s research abilities and laid a new stage for future development in China’s telecommunication industry.

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