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2016 IEEE international conference on computational electromagnetics

Date:2016-05-28 News sources:Shenglu Reading times:

February 23 to 25, 2016, "2016 IEEE international conference on computational electromagnetics" in the successful completion of the south China university of technology, as the main sponsor of the conference and the co-organizer, Shenglu communication, to take this opportunity to invite some experts and scholars attending the meeting to visit our company communicate guidance.

The first stop of the tour is Shenglu communication of guangdong star magnetic detection technology research co., LTD. (formerly shing road laboratory), as the only one with antenna as the theme to the current domestic listed companies, sheng road communications into a large amount of money for the laboratory construction. For in strict accordance with the implementation of national standards inspection behavior, guarantee the impartiality of the third party test lab, independence and rigour, sheng road laboratory in August 2012 through the national CNAS laboratory qualification certification. In January 2014, sheng road, the company decided to set up the "guangdong star magnetic detection technology research co., LTD.", on the basis of the original laboratory sheng road, registered independent operation, through the construction and increase, the transformation experiment site and test equipment, in order to build public testing platform, improve company's overall technical strength, according to market demand development testing application type of software and hardware products to the market promotion. Main business includes: in addition to meet every product line sheng road communications, new product development, testing, quality control and such routine work in the outside, at the same time, external to undertake various types of antenna products environmental testing, such as environmental protection RoHS testing, performance testing tasks. By the end of 2015, guangdong star magnetic detection technology research co., LTD., the project has been completed, and adopted the "Beijing institute of radio metrology test (203)", fully open foreign operations.

Shenglu company other invited guests visit the scene of the sheng road communication main products production, including microwave antenna production workshop, huawei passive antenna products workshop, production workshop, car antenna products production workshop, etc. Sheng road communications technology, meanwhile, the chief engineer LuoJianHua TuShaoPeng, production manager, Yang Biyou to guests introduced the main production process of each production line, the main technical requirements, production process control, etc., and put forward all kinds of questions, answer the guests received high praise from the guests.
Is this tour activities, sheng road communication technology strength and innovation abilities of a show, is also the operation of the fully open guangdong star magnetic detection technology research co., LTD., the comprehensive strength of a test. To face the challenges of the industry and communication industry the opportunity of rapid development, enhance the research and development and innovation ability will help the company to another era of rapid development.

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